Symbol store interior design project (clothes, shoes and accessories for women)
Project authors: IK-architects Ekaterina Yarovaya, Alina Shvets, Oksana Panko, Kristina Stavitskaya and Neft-group
Location: Zaporozhye, Ukraine
Project name: Symbol Boutique Zaporozhye
Projected area: 284 m2

This Symbol boutique interior project was designed for the city of Zaporozhye. The clothing, footwear and accessories store is located on the central artery of the city - 200 Sobornosti Avenue.
The planning solution is the central composition of the entrance group with the first representative hall, here there is a round exposition table that divides the flow of customers into 2 wings - the male and female halls.
Both halls are designed in the same minimalistic style: a warm light gray shade of the walls, set off by a more saturated color of porcelain stoneware on the floor; in the interior of the trading floors, wooden panels, author's hangers and storage systems are used.

Symbol BOUTIQUE is a branded clothing, footwear and accessories store

The interior design of a women's and men's clothing store involves many nuances. An integrated approach to the design of a clothing boutique will attract new customers, create a complex feeling and WOW effect, as well as increase sales.

The success of a clothing store business largely depends on competent zoning, interior design and good lighting.
When designing the Symbol clothing boutique, the team of IK-architects and Neft-group identified several important aspects:
The right choice of background. The style of the interior is selected taking into account the style of clothing.
Functional lighting. Light sources of directional light are used, as well as main and auxiliary elements. A lighting calculation is performed, the selection of the intensity of the glow of each light source is performed.
Installation of comfortable equipment. Staff and visitors need mirrors, shelves, rugs, chairs.
Additional amenities. Carefully selected musical accompaniment, coffee, aroma marketing

The use of natural finishing materials makes it possible to emphasize the status of a premium store, well-thought-out and tuned lighting complements the overall impression of the brand. The Symbol boutique showcase has a clear architecture. Minimalism involves the use of simple details for decoration. Details from dark brass also look accented in combination with wooden pallets and soft armchairs.

The IK-architects team, together with the Neft group, worked on a unique image of the Symbol in Zaporozhye. A careful choice of materials (and there are many of them in the project - wood, acrylic, copper, brass, glass, translucent and dense textiles, velvet) and textures made it possible to create a refined interior. The color scheme has been neutral, the interior should become a universal decoration for future fashion trends.

The IK-architects team develops a complete design project for commercial premises, and offers turnkey implementation in Ukraine.